Working Day and Night, Grad School Edition

Y’all. The past two weeks have been the craziest EVAR. I’ve applied to ten jobs, graded 5011 papers, written two new syllabi for courses I MIGHT get to teach, attended countless meetings, written and disseminated the CFP for our conference next spring, added a few pages to the diss, watched a train wreck of a job talk (great example of what NOT to do if I get a campus interview), and I don’t even remember what else.

All that to say that I haven’t had much time to update my favorite space on the web.  🙂

I’ve got to get back to the grind, but here’s a little something to let you know what it’s been like the past couple of weeks:


Why I Love My GF

So, after our usual morning chat, T. asks me what my intentions are for the rest of the day. I tell her about the tons of grading I need to do, the laundry, packing for my upcoming trip, conference stuff I need to get started on, yada yada yada. She then asks me: When are you going to do YOUR work? Meaning of course, the diss.

Welp!! Right after I post this blog.

I’ll see y’all later in the week. I’ve got some writing to do!