Reason #239,473 I love my girlfriend:

Me: Guess what? I started a new story today!

Her: Story? Don’t you have something else you need to be working on?

Me: I knew you were going to say that! (Sheepishly) I’ve reworked my schedule, I’m reading for the diss after lunch.

Her: Mmmm hmmm. Don’t make me put you on restriction!

Welp! Back to diss work it is! 

WAR EAGLE!!! Or, the Best Thanksgiving Break EVAR

So, this post is going to get real silly, but bear with me people, it’s that time of semester. First things first: My first attempt at AcWriMo was a partial success. Ok. it was a big fat FAIL. Although I reached two of my goals (finishing the conference paper and working on my current chapter), I didn’t finish the chapter, nor did I start the next one. I have to admit that things started off well; I was reading and writing like a BOSS! However, right around the middle of November, (NWSA time), things started to slow down and I was never able to regain traction. I’ll try again next year, and I’ll make sure take into account the conferencing and job hunting I know I’ll be doing again.

Now, the good stuff! Me and T. had a wonderful Thanksgiving break together. We spent most of the time at a bougie hotel in Indy,  where we had easy access to shopping and good food. It was also our anniversary week, and T. surprised me with gifts several days in a row. The first little gift was like 12 pair of awesome socks. Let me explain, I LOVE cute colorful socks and I’m always complaining that I need more. So the first night we are in Indy she gives me like 12 pair, seriously. It was so cute and you know I was wearing them the rest of the week.

And then this happened:

IMG_0729‘Cause you know, I needed a brown purse. 0_0   I also received a new office chair, (mine had a permanent “lean” which would on occasion have me on the floor), a beautiful sapphire ring with matching earrings and pendant, and other goodies.  I got her two pair of headphones (one kinda fancy, the other not so much), and her other “big” gift is on the way.  I’ll be so glad when I’m able to do as much for her as she does for me. We both like nice things and like to give, but I tend to be on the receiving end more often than not these days. I work three jobs, but you know it’s still hard out here for a grad student. That will change soon, and I’m looking forward to it!

The only downside to last week was that she caught a nasty cold. But you know I’m Nurse Ratchet, so she was on the mend in no time.  My mom says I’m a terrible nurse, but I don’t think so. As long as you do what I tell you, we’re fine. 🙂 T. didn’t care for my no nonsense style of treatment either, but she definitely felt better sooner than she thought she would. I’m now taking that same hard line with myself, since of course, I caught the cold as soon as I returned from break.

The most exciting part of our break was the amazing Iron Bowl that we were able to watch together (we sometimes have to stream the games on our computers because she can’t get all of the channels we have here in the U.S.), and it was the best football game I’ve ever seen in my life! Y’all know I’m a basketball girl, but I’m also an Auburn graduate, so SEC football is a part of my DNA, like it or not. We took Alabama DOWN, with one second to go. In case you missed it, here’s a clip:

We had so much fun watching the game and celebrating after, and you can best believe that I was giving my Alabama friends hell for the rest of the night. I believe my Facebook cover photo is still the game scorecard…

Anywhooo, back to work, sick or not. I’ve got some writing to do!


Why I Love my Girlfriend, Keurig Edition

Ok, so I’m really going to stop doing these posts, but T. never ceases to amaze me. So y’all know I was at NSWA this past weekend (gonna write about that later), and T. called me to say that I was going to need to pick up a FedEx package when I got back. Now, I had no idea what she had ordered this time, but I knew she was up to something.  Well, I get home Saturday evening, and there is a Keurig box on the doorstep. Inside is a cute little bamboo carousel and several different boxes of K-Cups.  I call her, and don’t you know this heffa is upset because FedEx has spoiled her surprise? See, the actual machine hadn’t been delivered yet; I needed to pick it up on Monday (today). Obviously, I knew what the other package would contain, so her surprise was blown.

This woman right here.

The Keurig is my six-month anniversary present. I had been talking about getting one for a minute, but you know my grad-student budget really wouldn’t allow it right now. My sweetie remembered that I’ve been feening for one, surprised me with it.

Ain’t she something?


Why I Love My Girlfriend, SEC Edition

In case y’all didn’t know, I’m an SEC fan. I’m from Georgia and I earned my M.A. at Auburn University. My girlfriend is from Alabama and she earned her B.A. from AUM. We are avid Auburn fans, and although her addiction is football and mine is basketball, we both enjoy lots of trashtalking this time of year. Let me just add here that I know the SEC is a little lacking in basketball stats except Kentucky, of course, so I follow lots of teams outside of my home conference. (I see you Big Ten).

Last week, we were chatting about sports gear and she mentioned that she was interested in some new gear but wasn’t sure if I’d like the items she was thinking about purchasing. I remember telling her that anything with an AU on it I’ll wear, and mentioned that I didn’t think I had enough AU or SEC stuff, but that it wasn’t high on my priority list right now. This was a couple of weeks ago, and I pretty much forgot about the conversation.  Weelllll, I get home from campus yesterday and there is a huge package on my doorstep. I’m trying to figure out what the heck it could be, since the only things I order with reckless abandon are books, and I knew that I hadn’t ordered THAT many books recently. I pick up the package and see that it’s from and I know that T-baby has struck again.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but I LOVE getting things in the mail, so I rush in the house and rip the thing open like a kid at Xmas.  T. has ordered us matching AU gear, yeah, it’s kinda cutesy, but since it’s athletic gear, we can pull it off. We’ve got new matching pajamas; hoodies that are slightly different but the same colors, SEC conference shirts, and really awesome 3/4 zip ups. Obviously, T. hadn’t forgotten the conversation at all, and wanted to surprise me with some gear.  I love this woman, not because she buys me things, but because she is just so thoughtful and sweet, and is truly able to surprise me in the most creative and fun ways.

So yeah, I’m wearing my new SEC conference shirt to campus today (I’m not teaching today)  and I DARE anyone to say something to me about it. 🙂

Neighborhood Watch

Tuesday morning on my way to campus, neighbor dude tells me that there have been a couple of break-ins in the neighborhood and to be on the lookout for suspicious behavior. He always speaks to me and he shoveled my walk last year, so I don’t think he’s messing with me. However, he’s pretty vague about what actually happened, so I don’t really stress about it until you guessed it: it’s time for bed. I’m not worried about the car; it has a pretty advanced alarm system and once it’s set, if you breathe on that baby it’s going to wake up the neighborhood. The house, however, is lacking an advanced security system.

What do I do? I go to bed with all of lights on and worry half the night about the possibility of a break-in. I share my concerns with T., who does her best to reassure me that everything is going to be ok. It is, but I’m still a little wary and it’s hard to shake the feeling that I’m a sitting duck.

A  couple of hours ago, I hear a UPS truck outside, and then I hear the tell-tale sound of a box hitting the door. I don’t remember ordering anything and the box is too big to be a forgotten a book order.  It occurs to me that my girlfriend has probably surprised me with something, ’cause you know, she does that from time to time. Lo and behold, I open the box and T. has sent me two secure door lock/bar thingies for the house!  She wanted me to feel safe, especially since she can’t always be here with me (she works out of the country).  Although I’m not quite sure that these bars will totally eradicate my fears, I do know that T.’s thoughtfulness and concern for my well-being made my day.

Ain’t love grand?


So, I rarely, (if ever), post about my relationship on my blog. No special reason, I just tend to keep my personal life, well, as much as possible, off of the internets.  Today, however, I was overcome with the need to shout out to my love, the divine Ms. T. I have the most supporting, loving, generous partner ever. I’m so thankful that she supports me in my crazy busy academic life, as well as in the non-academic writing I hope to publish someday as well.  She loves me just as I am, although she encourages me to strive to do better. T. also keeps me grounded when I get a little full of myself, and you know we academics can get a little heavy sometimes.  In a word, she is love, and I’m glad the universe saw fit to send us into each other’s lives.

Here’s to you Ms. T.: