Love Unrequited: The Story of What Was

My new friend and colleague regaled us with this story last November around the dinner table while at a conference. I’m so glad to see that she has written about her grandmother’s fierce determination to live her life on her own terms, and I’m so happy that she has given me permission to share it here with you. Enjoy.

Sherrema's Shenanigans

Grandma Irene, Christmas 2010, Bower House, Flint Grandma Irene, Christmas 2010, Bower Home, Flint

“Grandma, why don’t you marry Father Y?”

The friendship that unfolded between my grandmother and her former priest was heartfelt and loving and the family watched and waited, hoping it would grow into marriage.  The question above was one we asked her repeatedly the last near-dozen years of her life.  Finally, almost three months after she died on August 25, 2013, I went on a quest to meet the man who had loved my grandmother for nearly five decades.  Ironically, friends though they were to the end, he had to content himself with hearing her voice only because he never saw her in person again after their first few years together.  This is their story.

When It All Began…

My grandmother married my grandfather in Las Vegas in 1952 where my mother was born in 1953 on May 20th, just 3 days after…

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2 thoughts on “Love Unrequited: The Story of What Was

  1. Hello dear Stephanie, I am touched and honored that you enjoyed this story and that you were a part of the journey of both hearing it when I shared it with all of you for the first time and re-blogging it now once I found the words to write it. The interest which you and everyone around the table that night showed when I shared that I was preparing to leave the conference the very next day to go and meet Father Y for the first time, carrying to him a picture album from my grandmother’s life, really heard me into speech. Through all of your responses I began to see how truly remarkable a story this really was. It took some time to synthesize and finally put print to the page but I managed to do so and publish it on my blog just in time for the one-year anniversary of my grandmother’s death on August 25th. Thank you for being part of the telling and re-telling! May this story bless those who read it and show the many-prismed colors Love can bring to our lives in all its forms. What a gift the prism brings!

    • Awwww! Thank you, Sherrema! I’m just so glad that you decided to share the story with us that night. You’ve honored your grandmother’s life and loves with the telling and the writing. ((((hugs))))

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