Lez Talk Books Radio

Hey y’all! It’s Facebook official! Lez Talk Books Radio is up and running and our scheduled launch date is 9/16/14. Remember when I asked you about starting a podcast focused on Black lesbian writing? Well, the founder and publisher at Resolute Publishing reached out a couple of weeks ago, and we have decided to collaborate on the radio show. I am very excited to be working with her on this and I hope that you all will join us next month.

We are still working on a show time, so please check our Facebook page for updates. For information about becoming a guest on the show, email us at leztalkbooksradio at gmail dot com.

Y’all know imma cross-post this, so pardon me if this shows up on your dash more than once.  🙂

Love and light,


Just in case the link above doesn’t work, here’s the URL:  www.facebook.com/leztalkbooksradio

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