Why I Love my Girlfriend, Keurig Edition

Ok, so I’m really going to stop doing these posts, but T. never ceases to amaze me. So y’all know I was at NSWA this past weekend (gonna write about that later), and T. called me to say that I was going to need to pick up a FedEx package when I got back. Now, I had no idea what she had ordered this time, but I knew she was up to something.  Well, I get home Saturday evening, and there is a Keurig box on the doorstep. Inside is a cute little bamboo carousel and several different boxes of K-Cups.  I call her, and don’t you know this heffa is upset because FedEx has spoiled her surprise? See, the actual machine hadn’t been delivered yet; I needed to pick it up on Monday (today). Obviously, I knew what the other package would contain, so her surprise was blown.

This woman right here.

The Keurig is my six-month anniversary present. I had been talking about getting one for a minute, but you know my grad-student budget really wouldn’t allow it right now. My sweetie remembered that I’ve been feening for one, surprised me with it.

Ain’t she something?


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