So, I rarely, (if ever), post about my relationship on my blog. No special reason, I just tend to keep my personal life, well, as much as possible, off of the internets.  Today, however, I was overcome with the need to shout out to my love, the divine Ms. T. I have the most supporting, loving, generous partner ever. I’m so thankful that she supports me in my crazy busy academic life, as well as in the non-academic writing I hope to publish someday as well.  She loves me just as I am, although she encourages me to strive to do better. T. also keeps me grounded when I get a little full of myself, and you know we academics can get a little heavy sometimes.  In a word, she is love, and I’m glad the universe saw fit to send us into each other’s lives.

Here’s to you Ms. T.:


One thought on “T-Time

  1. Thanks for the shout out my Cocoa Loveliness! This song is definitely suite for the love we are building. I know without a doubt you are Amazing, our love is definitely personal, while our desire for one another is outrageous due to the fact each day you bring out the very best in me. Only one of you and I am thankful it is your time to become a part of our time..:c)! As I have stated to you it is my desire to keep you in my present, give you what you need first, and want secondly in an effort to bring you closer to me today than you were yesterday. Loving you is fun, easy, and remember all I ask to have with you is a ‘Couple of Forever’ .


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