Over the past couple of years I’ve envisioned this blog to be a space for showcasing and discussing Black lesbian cultural texts. (I’ve been a slacker, I know.) I’ve also tried to marry a little of my academic life with my personal life, and that has prevented me from posting here as much as I’d like. In other words, as a dissertating grad student about to go on the job market, I’ve been pretty careful with my posts. However, I’ve found a better solution: create a separate space for my academic “stuff.” Duh. 🙂

I’d like this space to be a little more ME, so I’m removing the “Academic” page and I’ll be posting more often about things that move me, and although most of them will be related to my identities as a Black lesbian wannabe academic cultural critic, some of them may not. Thank you for reading along with me thus far and I hope you’ll be seeing a lot more from the blog soon.

The struggle continues,

Sister Outsider

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