Canadian Queer Women’s Classics: A Top Ten Must-Read List

S. Andrea Allen:

I’ve read several of the books on this list. What about y’all?

Originally posted on Casey the Canadian Lesbrarian:

So, I recently did a bit of googling (asking Lord Google, as my friend would say) to find out what is usually included on lists of must-read “lesbian” books, or lists of “lesbian” classics.  I’m putting lesbian in scare quotes there because I’m pretty resentful about having to use just this search term, when what I really mean is bi/queer/lesbian/otherwise non-hetero women identified authors, characters, and books.  But such is the status of googling today.

A great YA novel, totally featuring a bi, not lesbian, teenager A great YA novel, totally featuring a bi, not lesbian, teenager

I’m all for book lists and I love to debate about what is a must-read and what isn’t in the realm of queer lady writing.  But (wo)man, some of these lists suck.  Part of this is the same problem I had with search terms: lists claim to tell you all the books “gay ladies” should all read, or the “lesbian” classics you can’t miss…

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Celebrating Black Folk, All Day, Every Day

So, y’all know I loves me some Black folks, and it seems as if February is the month where the rest of the country decides it loves us too. No matter, any reason to showcase the fabulosity of Black folk is reason enough for me. Those of you who know me IRL know I’m a space geek, so it’s apropos that we start this month with a Black astronaut that you may not know, Leland Melvin. Look him up!

Leland Melvin