Lez Talk Books Radio Debut!

In case you missed it, here’s a recording of our debut show with the formidable Paula D. Ashe last week.  Be sure to tune in Tuesdays at 6:30 to hear us live with our guests.  If you’re interested in being a guest on the show, email us at leztalkbooksradio@gmail.com.

Love Unrequited: The Story of What Was

S. Andrea Allen:

My new friend and colleague regaled us with this story last November around the dinner table while at a conference. I’m so glad to see that she has written about her grandmother’s fierce determination to live her life on her own terms, and I’m so happy that she has given me permission to share it here with you. Enjoy.

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Grandma Irene, Christmas 2010, Bower House, Flint

Grandma Irene, Christmas 2010, Bower Home, Flint

“Grandma, why don’t you marry Father Y?”

The friendship that unfolded between my grandmother and her former priest was heartfelt and loving and the family watched and waited, hoping it would grow into marriage.  The question above was one we asked her repeatedly the last near-dozen years of her life.  Finally, almost three months after she died on August 25, 2013, I went on a quest to meet the man who had loved my grandmother for nearly five decades.  Ironically, friends though they were to the end, he had to content himself with hearing her voice only because he never saw her in person again after their first few years together.  This is their story.

When It All Began…

My grandmother married my grandfather in Las Vegas in 1952 where my mother was born in 1953 on May 20th, just 3 days after…

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Lez Talk Books Radio

Hey y’all! It’s Facebook official! Lez Talk Books Radio is up and running and our scheduled launch date is 9/16/14. Remember when I asked you about starting a podcast focused on Black lesbian writing? Well, the founder and publisher at Resolute Publishing reached out a couple of weeks ago, and we have decided to collaborate on the radio show. I am very excited to be working with her on this and I hope that you all will join us next month.

We are still working on a show time, so please check our Facebook page for updates. For information about becoming a guest on the show, email us at leztalkbooksradio at gmail dot com.

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Just in case the link above doesn’t work, here’s the URL:  www.facebook.com/leztalkbooksradio


As you all know, I’m  nearly done with this grad life (Hallelujah!) and I’ve started working on a few new projects. I’ve also created a new website that will serve as my main blog going forward.   I am transitioning from grad student to full time writer and publisher (and who knows what else, a sista is looking for a job too!), and I decided that I needed a new website/blog to represent this aspect of my work and life.  For those of you who have not already done so, please consider following me over at my new spot,  SAndreaAllen.  I’ll share updates, and even a little of my works in progress. :)

I still love this blog and I will continue to post here, but I do intend to spend more time over at the new spot.  I hope to see you there!